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9:30 AM

WORD Trek Meal
5:15 PM
WORD Trek & Youth Group
6:00 PM

Adult Discipleship
6:10 PM

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7:45 AM

First Baptist Church
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Real life worth living begins with the confession of our sinfulness and the forgiveness of that sin through Jesus Christ's death on the cross. It involves a commitment to follow him as the Lord of your life, and a spiritual transformation to a new life through his resurrection. Baptism by immersion is the symbolic picture of someone becoming a genuine follower of Jesus and being ALIVE IN CHRIST.
That life is lived out through:

WORSHIP - Regularly gathering with other believers to worship is vital to maintaining a vibrant and healthy Christian life.

RELATIONSHIPS - Connecting to other believers on a personal level in smaller groups is also a key component in a meaningful and growing Christian faith.

SERVICE - Christians who give their time, talents, abilities, and resources to the work of Christ through the church and in the world discover a dimension of faith, fellowship, and blessing impossible to find apart from service.